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As a Dallas defense attorney, Rick Cohen brings you more than 25 years of experience in the courthouses of Texas and the Federal government.

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A former prosecutor in the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office, Rick knows how to defend your case and get the very best results for you. He believes one mistake should not ruin your life whatever the reason for your criminal arrest.

Protects Your Rights

Rick is a strong believer in the principal of presumed innocence unless you are found to be guilty. As your defense attorney, he protects all of your legal rights and fights for your acquittal.

Community Mind Defense Attorney

Outside of the courtroom, Rick participates in his community as a youth sports coach, a leader in his synagogue and a mock trial sponsor for high school students. For relaxation Rick runs with friends.

Fights for Your Innocence

Rick trusts in the American criminal justice system were all defendants are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in the courtroom. Even if you believe you are guilty of a crime you may not be. For your best legal counsel, and to protect your future contact Dallas defense attorney Rick Cohen today.