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Defends All Type of Crimes

The law practice of Dallas defense attorney Rick Cohen defends all types of criminal cases. For most situations, Rick Cohen believes you are better off defending yourself at trial as opposed to plea bargaining.

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Prefers Trials to Plea Bargins

While many attorneys prefer to plea bargain most of their cases, Rick favors taking your case to trial and fighting for your acquittal.

Walks With You in Difficult Times

From your arrest onward, Rick comes alongside you as guide through the complexities of the criminal justice system including: bonding, administrative license suspension hearing (DWI), grand jury hearing, fact investigation, defense strategy, negotiation with the prosecution, jury selection and trial. If you are found not guilty he works to clear your record so nothing about your arrest shows up on criminal background checks. For clients found guilty, Rick attempts to get the most favorable terms and punishments.

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